• inca trail to machupicchu::this trip is terrific option for those who want to experience the beauty and wonder of arriving at machupicchu. on this trek we will find many archaeological sites, cloud forests, waterfalls, an abundant variety of fauna and flora.
  • salkantay to machupicchu::this lovely and varied salkantay trek hike is the soft option from soray since the pass is lower though still a tough 4,750m 15,580ft and then is mostly downhill through forested valleys, above deep ravines, ending at 1,500m.
  • sacred valley tour::it is a setting of picturesque communities, impressive terraces and many important archaeological sites. you will find the fortress of ollantaytambo, pisac with its inca canal 3km long and chinchero.
  • choquequirao::grandiose and mysterious, this abandoned city has lots of parallels with machu picchu and there are a variety of theories about its function. copesco has partially cleared the site and there remains a lot more to be discovered.
  • manu biosphere reserve::we may encounter an agami heron or a sungrebe and brown cappuchin monkeys are usually feeding on fruits nearby. specially constructed piers that jut out into the lake enable us to look for a family of giant otters that live here.
  • ayahuasca ceremony 5d 4n::These ayahuasca ceremonies combine the great experience of the ayahuasca ceremony plus an amazing jungle tour both of them in special locations one in an original healing center called Capitary which facilities were made to relax you after the ayahua
  • Ayahuasca Preparation Ceremony::Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel, then we visit Belen market to know about natural medicine, drinks and handicrafts in  Pasaje Paquito.  After that we visit the Maniti rescue place  trichechus

Salkantay 4d3n through Llactapata

salkantay to machupicchu 4d 3n Through Llactapata

This lovely and varied Salkantay trek hike (about 50km) is the "soft option" from Soray since the pass is lower (though still a tough 4,750m (15,580ft) and then is mostly downhill through forested valleys, above deep ravines, ending at 1,500m.

Then the trail descends to the left -hand side of the valley, becoming indistinct in swampy areas. And then comes a place named Huayrajmachay "eye of the wind", from here we will have a great chance to see the beautiful Pyramid-shape of Humantay behind as you drop below the tree line, know as LA CEJA DE SELVA ("Eyebrow of the Jungle"), and walk through groves of bamboo with many orchids and other flowers and lots of hummingbirds, spectacular waterfalls, a small hot spring at Collpapampa the right place to lock out for the parakeets that abound in this area as well.

The third day we will enjoy an original Inca Trail  to attive to Lactapat  from this archeological site we are going to be able to seel see Machupicchu and wayna pichu mountains and then the

last day will see finally visit  the Incan city of Machu picchu.


OUR FIXED DEPARTURE DATES 2012 ARE: (we can open a new fixed departure we need just two passangers as minimum let us know and we will advertise on our webpage to join more people to your group)

Note( these  fixed departure dates are similar as the Salkantay 5d/4n) just remember that if you go salkantay 4d/3n you have to leave behind your original group on the 3rd day

April 23rd, 26th ,28th,
May 01st, 6th ,08th ,10th, 15th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 27th, 30, 31stne
June 02nd, 3rd ,4th, 06th, 07th, 08th, 10th, 11th,13th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 27th, 29th, 31st
July 01st ,02nd, 04th, 05th, 07th, 09th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 21th, 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th, 31st
August, 01st, 04th, 05th ,09th, 13th, 28th, 29th,
September 16th, 19th, 24th, 27th, 30th
October 05th , 09th, 13th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 28th, 30th
November 11th, 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 25th, 29th, 30th
December o1st, 18th, 19th, 2oth ,23rd ,24th, 25,th,27th 28th


salkantay 4d/3n to machupicchu unique price 2012: 340 dollars per person minimun 2paxs




We pick you up from your hotel at 4:30 to 5:00 a.m .and then we go travel by private transport to Soraypampa where we going to have breakfast. As soon as we are thereAfter having our Salkantay Trek breakfast we start walking about 8:00 am ,because this day will be the longest day the first 4 hours is uphill to get the highest point of the Salkantay Trek (4650m/15200ft) located halfway between 2 huge mountains; Salkantay on the right and Tucarhuay on the left. From the pass, the views of the 2 snow-capped mountains are incredible. There is a possibility of snow here.
After a rest, we will continue our walk (downhill) through a dramatic cloud forest towards Huayracpunku, where we will have lunch. We hike again after lunch in the direction of the start of the jungle until we reach our first Salkantay Trek camping spot of chaullay or Colcapampa (3000m/9800ft).
2ND DAY:Total distance: 19 km (aprox.)
Estimated walking time: 8 - 9 hours
Maximum altitude point: 4,650 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude: 2,750 m (aprox.)



After breakfast, at 6.30am, we start walking through the upper jungle crossing the Lluskamayo River and a variety of little brooks to reach La Playa walking about 6 hours. Today we will pass through valleys and have wonderful views of waterfalls, tropical fruits ,plants and as soon as we are at la playa place horses will go back to Mollepata and we will camp here so we take a local bus to drive one hour to get Santa Teresa where will enjoy the hot springs and enjoy the well-deserved soothing water!. About 5pm we will come back by local bus to our campsite la Playa where we going to have dinner and sleep well for our original Inca trail way to LLactapata for the following morning.


We will have breakfast at 8am and leave our camping spot of La Playa. We walk up on a original Inca Trail to Llactapata site where you will get a chance to see Machupicchu far away (one of the most beautiful place to see Machupicchu) then We continue walking, passing a variety of crop plantations, coca, banana etc. until we reach the hydroelectric station. And after the lunch we keep walking about two and half hours along the train road till reaching Aguas Calientes town where we will spend the night in a hostel.
In Aguas Calientes, you can take advantage of the thermal springs in the town (entrance 10 soles) a real treat after finishing the Salkantay Trek
3rd day:Total distance: 12 km (aprox.)
Estimated walking time: 7 - 8 hours
Maximum altitude point: 1,600 m (aprox.)
Hostel(aguas calientes) altitude: 1,900 m (aprox.)



We wake up early morning about 4 am to then to 4:30 to have the breakfast and leave to walk up to Machupicchu which takes one and half hours up to machupicchu but there is another option to catch the first bus which leaves 5:30 to Machupicchu (25-minutes long) in order to appreciate the magnificent city as the sun is rising.
A walking tour (approximately 2 hours) is given by your Guide and after this you can explore the mysterious city by yourselves. If you still have energy you can also climb Huaynapicchu (2720m/8890ft)!!! It takes 45 minutes to reach the top.

You will meet your guide in Aguas Calientes (it can be reached by bus or on foot) to be given your train tickets back to Cusco or ollantaytambo. The first train usually leaves at 15.55 and we will arrive back in Cusco at about 20.20.or the second train which leaves 4:20 and goes to Ollantaytambo where someone will be waiting for you with your guide's name who will take you to take a bus to Cusco.
If desired, an extra night in Aguas Calientes town can be arranged. (Please let us know if you would like to stay an extra night when booking your tour.


Important Notes
What is Included:
our maximum number of people for each group are maximum 09 Paxs
*Sleeeping bag -20C north face brand new
• Pre-departure briefing hotel-office
• Collection from your hotel (we pick you up where you are staying from) from 4:30 to 5:00 am
• Private transport to Mollepata ( trailhead)
• Tourist Expeditions Train back to Ollantaytambo( if can be at 6.45 pm or 9:30 pm leaving from Aguas calientes) when you arrive to Ollamtaytambo a bus will take back to cusco.
• Entrance fee to Machu picchu
• Food: *4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3afternoon snacks (hot drinks, biscuits and popcorn) and 3 dinners
• We have 4 people tents for 2-people so there will be plenty of space to set up your backpacks
• Camping equipment (tent, cooking and eating tents. Chairs and tables )
• Thermarest air Sleeping mattresses
• Cook who is charge of making the food, Horseman , mules or porters (they just carry cooking stuff and camping equipment ) plus 6 kilos for your personal belongings.
• 1 emergency horse to ride just in case somebody need to ride it
• 1 night accommodation in a hostel Aguas Calientes( private room with wi fi, cable tv and hot shower) • Oxygen balloon for any emergency
• Others: hot water every morning and evening for washing purposes / boiled water to fill in your water bottle every morning and night, and at lunch time if requested with enough time ahead
• Transfer train station-hotel in Cusco
• First Aid kit and Free Luggage storage. When you go on the trek it is best to leave any luggage that you are not going to need behind in Cusco. Nearly all the hotels in Cusco provide a secure luggage deposit. Put any valuables in their safe. Very rarely do hotels charge for this service especially if you are returning to the same hotel after the trek. If there are any problems with your hotel we can arrange to store your luggage at our Incas Tour Office.
• *Vegetarian/special diet options available
• NOTE: entrance fee for salkantay trek 2012 is not being charge now, to anyone we do not if the minister of cullture will regulate again this anyway our company will assume 30 soles of this entrance fee ( we do not if the price will rise up , last year it was 30 soles only)

What is not Included:
• Breakfast on the first day at mollepata and lunch on the last day in machu picchu or Aguas Calientes
• Entrance to the hot springs water ( Santa Teresa (10 soles ) Aguas Calientes(10 soles )
• Bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu (optional) US$18 round trip
( one way US$9 and you can Buy it at the Aguas Calientes bus station)

What you need to bring:
• Original passport (and Student card (ISIC) green card). Note ( you have to bring your student card to machu picchu because you are going to be required to show at the control point .
• Travel Insurance card is essential
• Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
• Warm jacket
• Sun hat and gloves
• T-shirts
• Comfortable trousers
• Rain pants
• Bathing suit (for hot springs in Santa Teresa and Aguas Calientes)
• Sun protection cream ( factor 35 recommended ) sun is strong
• Insect Repellent ( for mosquitos ) recommendable 30% deet
• Water bottle.
• Water purification tablets (Micropur recommended)
• Toilet paper
• Personal medication
• Camera and films
• Torch with spare batteries (flashlight) we recommend headlights
• Extra contribution suggested money for tipping horseman, cook and guide. and for any emergency.
Tips: please note that our agency staff is well paid so please feel free to tip or not as you wish

Optional items to bring:
• Short pants , Plaster and bandages
• Walking poles (with rubber tips) they can also be hired from us.


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