• inca trail to machupicchu::this trip is terrific option for those who want to experience the beauty and wonder of arriving at machupicchu. on this trek we will find many archaeological sites, cloud forests, waterfalls, an abundant variety of fauna and flora.
  • salkantay to machupicchu::this lovely and varied salkantay trek hike is the soft option from soray since the pass is lower though still a tough 4,750m 15,580ft and then is mostly downhill through forested valleys, above deep ravines, ending at 1,500m.
  • sacred valley tour::it is a setting of picturesque communities, impressive terraces and many important archaeological sites. you will find the fortress of ollantaytambo, pisac with its inca canal 3km long and chinchero.
  • choquequirao::grandiose and mysterious, this abandoned city has lots of parallels with machu picchu and there are a variety of theories about its function. copesco has partially cleared the site and there remains a lot more to be discovered.
  • manu biosphere reserve::we may encounter an agami heron or a sungrebe and brown cappuchin monkeys are usually feeding on fruits nearby. specially constructed piers that jut out into the lake enable us to look for a family of giant otters that live here.
  • ayahuasca ceremony 5d 4n::These ayahuasca ceremonies combine the great experience of the ayahuasca ceremony plus an amazing jungle tour both of them in special locations one in an original healing center called Capitary which facilities were made to relax you after the ayahua
  • Ayahuasca Preparation Ceremony::Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel, then we visit Belen market to know about natural medicine, drinks and handicrafts in  Pasaje Paquito.  After that we visit the Maniti rescue place  trichechus

choquequirao 4d 3n

Choquequirao 4 days

An adventure that combines archaeology, nature and amazing mountain scenery on a less explored route. We take you to the last refuge of the Incas perched high above the Apurimac canyon. Choquequirao, which means "Cradle of Gold" in Quechua, is a remote and mysterious archaeological complex consisting of fantastically well preserved Inca architecture.

During your adventure you will be well taken care of by our professional team of English speaking guides, cooks and wranglers with their mules. We also have some supporting saddle horses for the ones who would rather ride than hike. Choquequirao is a must for all adventure lovers and is destined to replace the traditional hike as the serious trekkers alternative!


FIRST CHOQUEQUIRAO DAY : Cusco (3,350m)- Cachora (2,915m) - Rosalina Beach (1,550m) - Apurimac.

An early start for a 5 hours drive to the town of Cachora in private transportation, which offers you wonderful views of the snow mountains of Salcantay, Humantay, Pitusiray, Chicon and Veronica. We descend into the town of Limatambo where we find an Inca site named Tarawasi. From here we continue to the small village of Cora Wasi where we find the Saiwite Stone which is said to be a carved map of the Inca Empire.

Upon arrival in Cachora we have late breakfast, meet our wranglers and arrange our equipment on mules and horses. We take our day-packs and start walking along the edge of the mountains towards Capulliyoc from where we get our first view of the Apurimac Canyon and glimpse the trail that lies ahead of us. Slowly we begin our descent towards Coca Masana where the climate becomes noticeably warmer and the flora and fauna begin to change. Finally, we arrive at Playa Rosalina (Rosalina Beach) which lies beside the raging Apurimac River. This is our campsite for the night.

SECOND CHOQUEQUIRAO DAY : Rosalina Beach – Choquequirao (3,035m).

After an early breakfast, the start of the second day is marked by our crossing of the Apurimac River via footbridge. A difficult climb awaits us today, and after approximately 5 hours hike we reach Marampampa, beside the Chunchulmayo River, where we stop and have lunch and a much deserved rest. The afternoon hike is not as steep as in the morning and along the way we observe a variety of orchids and wild flowers as well as many species of birds. After 2 hours of walking we arrive at the archaeological site of Choquequirao, in time to enjoy the sunset and maybe an opportunity to see condors flying nearby. We set up camp just outside of the ruins in the cloud forest.

THIRD CHOQUEQUIRAO DAY : Choquequirao - Raqaypampa.

We spend the morning visiting the central complex of Choquequirao. Our guide will explain the history and importance of the site. After exploring, we have lunch and then in the afternoon we continue our journey back descending down the mountain for about 2 hours to Raqaypampa, where we will camp for the evening and enjoy dinner and a hot drink.

FOURTH CHOQUEQUIRAO DAY : Raqaypampa - Coca Masana (2,330m) - Cachora (2,915m) – Cusco.

After breakfast we continue our descent all the way to the Apurimac River where we stop and have lunch. In the afternoon we continue for approximately 3 hours to Coca Masana where we take a short break and have some lunch before continuing on to Capulliyoc where we started our adventure a few days before. We say good-bye to our wranglers and take our private bus back to Cusco.

What is Included:

• Transportation by bus to start of Trek and return
• Professional English speaking Guide
• Meals : 4 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 3 Dinners (we provide generous amounts of nutritious meals and beverages and have vegetarian options available).
• 7kg Personal luggage allowance to put on the horses
• Spacious tents and Sleeping mats
• Dining tent, kitchen tent, latrine tent
• Tables and chairs for the group
• Cook and cooking equipment
• Horses to carry the group equipment (food, tents, tables, etc.)
.Emergency Oxygen bottle and first aid kit 

What is not Included:


• Sleeping Bags - can be hired from our office for $15
• Extra horse in case you want to ride – $60 per horse (from 3 passengers upwards we include an extra horse)

Prices Choquequirao tour 2010
02 passengers $ 400-00 per person
03 passengers $ 350-00 per person
04 passengers $ 330-00 per person
5+ passengers $ 290-00 per person

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