• inca trail to machupicchu::this trip is terrific option for those who want to experience the beauty and wonder of arriving at machupicchu. on this trek we will find many archaeological sites, cloud forests, waterfalls, an abundant variety of fauna and flora.
  • salkantay to machupicchu::this lovely and varied salkantay trek hike is the soft option from soray since the pass is lower though still a tough 4,750m 15,580ft and then is mostly downhill through forested valleys, above deep ravines, ending at 1,500m.
  • sacred valley tour::it is a setting of picturesque communities, impressive terraces and many important archaeological sites. you will find the fortress of ollantaytambo, pisac with its inca canal 3km long and chinchero.
  • choquequirao::grandiose and mysterious, this abandoned city has lots of parallels with machu picchu and there are a variety of theories about its function. copesco has partially cleared the site and there remains a lot more to be discovered.
  • manu biosphere reserve::we may encounter an agami heron or a sungrebe and brown cappuchin monkeys are usually feeding on fruits nearby. specially constructed piers that jut out into the lake enable us to look for a family of giant otters that live here.
  • ayahuasca ceremony 5d 4n::These ayahuasca ceremonies combine the great experience of the ayahuasca ceremony plus an amazing jungle tour both of them in special locations one in an original healing center called Capitary which facilities were made to relax you after the ayahua
  • Ayahuasca Preparation Ceremony::Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel, then we visit Belen market to know about natural medicine, drinks and handicrafts in  Pasaje Paquito.  After that we visit the Maniti rescue place  trichechus

ayahuasca ceremony 7 d 6n


Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel, then we visit Belen market to know about natural medicine, drinks and handicrafts in  Pasaje Paquito.  After that we visit the Maniti rescue place ( trichechus  inunguis) there you can have directly contact with these amazing mammals continuing with the tour we go to Quistococha lagoon and park we spend the afternoon by observing animals and taking aswim in the lagoon. Finally in the night we enjoy by going to different discotheques, bars, restaurants, etc.

 DAY 2
Breakfast   then we go to the Museum to see about Amazonian art and paints crafts.  After that we go to Nanay River to take a boat towards the Boras native community.  Then we take the boat towards the Barrio florida to visit the Fundo Pedrito where we can observe caiman, arapaima gigas (the largest fish in the Amazon), turtles, monkey and others and then we take a swim in the Nanay river, after that we take  our boat upstream to go to Gallito Village in here we can realize about the way of  living of the local jungle people and we can visit the school and play football or volleyball and swim in the Amazon river. Finally we can back to Iquitos and then to our hotel

We pick you up from your hotel at 7:00 a.m.  and we travel to Nauta port for about 1:40  minutes from Iquitos ,  after that  we  jump into the long tailed motorized boat  and we travel for about 2 hours  to arrive to our lodge , before arriving  to the lodge  we  stop in the middle of the two big rivers Marañon and  Ucayali which  give born to the amazing Amazon river, in this place  we will see the marvelous gray and pink dolphins( 100% sure we will see dolphins). So we arrive to the lodge around 11:30 am approximately. After having a great reception in the lodge we show the facilities and your bungalows, in that way, you have some time to relax before our lunch time.
At 2:00pm we start our first short exploring into the jungle to recognize the area
However just close to the lodge you will see some medicinal plant and some trees; the guide will explain you more about them.
Finally at 6:30 pm is the best time to see nocturnal wild life in the lake such us night heron tarantulas and caiman. After all this activities we relax and get ready for our first Ayahuasca ceremony

Today we wake up very early at 5:30 am to have a great opportunity to do bird watching.  We can observe at least 40 species of birds around the lake. We come back just on time for the breakfast
At 10am we get ready our machete  to walk for about 6 hours to get the ISAPO lagoon we will see during the trek some giant trees, timbers, medicinal plants, monkeys, and others. When we arrive to the lagoon we do a canoeing around the lagoon to see  for example: tapir, peccary, anacondas, howler monkey, pigmy marmoset, and the famous giant river otters, finally we return to the lodge to get ready for our second Ayahuasca ceremony

 DAY 5
Today is optional to wake up early, because we will have a special meeting with Don Luis to talk about the two first ayahuasca ceremonies maybe some of the passenger would like to share about his or her experience or about the visions they had and after that we learn about the components of the ayayahuasca and as well the preparation of the ayayahuasca. Then in the afternoon we have free time to meditate about the things we learn and that we talked with Don Luis. Finally we get prepared for the third ayahuasca session.

This day we will spend whole day fishing different kinds of fish such as: piranhas, cat fish, bass, prehistoric cat fish and others and as well we visited a special lagoon full of giant lily pads
then we go to visit local communities to see about the way of living of these people, please don’t forget to take some money with you to buy some handicrafts in this way we support then to stop cutting down the trees and stop hunting as well.
We have a meeting during the night the guides will tell you about myths and legends about the rainforest and planning after that we have our last Ayahuasca session.

We have breakfast and after is optional to go swimming or bird watching , because after the lunch we take our boat back to Nauta port and then our  transport to Iquitos arriving to civilization around 6:00 or 7:00 pm.

Note: this tour can change according to the weather conditions or decision making by the group.

About the camping equipment:usually some passenger they want to camp at least for one night so  I have to rent sleeping bags, kithchen tents ,sleeping tents  and  cooker  gas ballon and so on.

Tour Includes:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Iquitos
  • Long tailed boat transportation to the Amazon lodge 
  • Hostel for 2 nights in the city                                     
  • Boat transportation speed boat for the tour near Iquitos
  • Three wheels motorbikes to do the visits in iquitos
  • Entrance fees to the places to visit in iquitos and near iquitos
  • Transfer in and out from the hotel
  • Don Luis services (ayahuasca shaman)
  • Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Two people to look after the passengers during the ceremonies          
  • my guiding service
  • City tour for 2 days (museum, boras tribe, butterfly farm, anacondas and Monkey Island, manaties rescue, Alpahuayo Mishana reserve, Belen market, )
  • Bilingual guide ( English and Spanish)
  • Mineral water in the lodge
  • First Aids kit
  • 3 meals per day in the lodge
  • Cook
  • 5 days and 4nights in Lodge
  •  5 days 4 nights Tour in the amazon jungle

What to bring

  • Light easy dry clothes
  • Zip off pants
  • Sun glasses
  • Insect reppelent 50% deet
  • Rubber boots ( you can buy it here in iquitos)
  • Rain poncho
  • Personal medication
  • Torch, head lamps
  • Camera with extra bateries
  • Cap or hat
  • Trekking sandals
  • Extra money
  • Water bottle or camel back

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